• Acquisition Tools

    Recording the best data possible starts with the best tools available.

RDS EBOT Surface Pressure Gauge

The workhorse of our tool line.

Engineered to the exacting standards of our customers, EBOT surface pressure gauges have successfully recorded billions of data points over thousands of operations, in every environmental condition imaginable. 

Small in size, but big on features, our EBOT boasts a bomb-proof enclosure that houses a large-capacity, incorruptible memory bank, and a temperature-compensated silicon transducer, for reliability and accuracy over extended durations. The EBOT’s onboard LCD screen also allows for snapshot viewing of current readings, and peace of mind in knowing the gauge is turned on and recording.

  • DFIT
  • Offset Frac Monitoring
  • Bottom Hole Pressure Determination
  • Flowing/Build Up Testing
  • Multiple Rate Testing
  • Injection/Falloff Testing
  • Leakoff Testing
  • Perf/Inflow Testing
  • Pressure Integrity Testing
  • Flowback Pressure Monitoring
  • Short-term Pressure Monitoring
  • Long-term Pressure Monitoring
RDS ABOT Acoustic Well Survey System

Proving that fundamentals still have a place in the modern oilfield.

Our ABOT system has more practical applications than any other tool we offer — and because of this, has had the biggest impact on our customer’s economics (read: saved them $$$).

Implementation scenarios range from simple production to complex completion services, both onshore and off, and are operated by our specialized Field Technicians or configured to continuously run automatically. The systems are compact and modular, with customizable components for any well condition, ensuring the best data is captured each time.

  • Fluid Level Determination/Monitoring
  • Bottom Hole Pressure Determination
  • Scale Detection
  • Paraffin Detection
  • Hydrate Plug location
  • Stuck/Lost Tool Location
  • Stray/Stuck Pipe Location
  • Acid Treatment Monitoring
  • Gas Lift Testing
  • Workover Monitoring
  • Completions Fluid Monitoring
  • Safety Barrier Verification
RDS JBOT Down Hole Pressure Gauge

Pressure and temperature data from the source.

In an industry where “smart” decisions are equal-parts economics and quality, it’s not too often a data acquisition tool covers both metrics. Our JBOT down hole pressure gauge not only satisfies both demands, but sits at the top of each category.

Customizable to suit virtually any well condition, the robust build of our JBOT has endured thousands of hours of deployment, recording millions of pristine data points along the way. As with all RDS tools, the JBOT is consistently evolving in both form and function to suit our customer’s needs, while remaining one of the most economical options on the market.

  • Bottom Hole Pressure Monitoring
  • DFIT
  • Offset Well Frac Monitoring
  • Pressure Gradient Survey
  • Temperature Gradient Survey
  • Short-term Pressure Monitoring
  • Long-term Pressure Monitoring
RDS FLOWBOT Turbine Flow Meter

Let the pump company pump, we’ll handle the data.

Developed initially as a counterpart to EBOT surface gauges for DFIT procedures, our FLOWBOT has quickly become a reliable alternative to the often-inaccurate pump truck flow calculations.

The FLOWBOT is a fine-tuned, in-line instrument with robust 1502 connections, suitable for both high and low rate metering of liquid and gases. The accuracy is untouchable by standard pump truck equipment, and as an added bonus, the data can be transmitted and viewed in real time.

  • DFIT
  • Short-term Flow Rate Monitoring