The concept behind research and development of the FLOWBOT was to simplify the collection, aggregation, and interpretation of flow rate data from any given source.


Perhaps the simplest of all RDS tools (mechanically speaking), the FLOWBOT is easily installed somewhere along pump lines by way of 1502 hammer unions, and collects data as the internal turbine spins. Ideal in DFIT situations, the FLOWBOT can be used in conjunction with an EBOT and FASTRACK to create a synchronous data set from the start of pump-in to the end of leak-off, giving a complete and accurate picture of the test, which is viewable from our online user portal. The unit can be used as a primary recorder or as a secondary measure to ensure accuracy of a pump job.


To aide in the planning of efficient well stimulation, DFITs have become standard practice. During the test, a solution is pumped with the intention of fracturing the formation, but is stopped as soon as breaking occurs. Once stopped, the natural decline in pressure needs to be recorded at a very high resolution. The EBOT is the most reliable tool to capture DFIT pressure data. When used in conjunction with our FLOWBOT (flow rate turbine meter), all aspects of DFIT data can be viewed in real time from any computer or mobile device.

Benefits of FLOWBOT Flow Rate Turbine Meter:

  • Rugged construction ensures unwavering operation through pump in vibrations
  • Low-rate version (0-5 bpm) ensures accuracy of slow flowing applications
  • High-rate version (0-15 bpm) ensures accuracy of fast flowing applications
  • Unlimited amount of applications— can be used to calculate any flowing rate