Our Mission:

RDS exists to help our clients make better decisions by providing them with insightful data

Our Team:

Everyone at RDS is invested in making this company successful and is driven to being unstoppable in the marketplace. We share a passion for serving our customers—we know the work we do matters because we have all seen how our work impacts our customers. We serve our community together—as a team. We have done some amazing things for our community, and even around the world.

Our core values are not just lived; they are apparent to everyone who knows us—it defines our culture.

What can RDS do for you?

Since our inception in 2004, Reservoir Data Systems is proud to have become the “data guys” for many Operators (both large and small) across the country. We have earned the trust of our repeat customers and continue to add companies to our resume by having fantastic tools, innovative uses of technology, and by focusing on our customers first.