No matter what the economic and nonintrusive advantages of using our EBOT may be, there are some scenarios that call for something else. The JBOT bottom hole pressure gauge is a wireline deployed tool that picks up where the EBOT surface pressure gauge leaves off.


DFIT (Diagnostic Fracture Injection Testing)

To aide in the planning of efficient well stimulation, DFITs have become standard practice. During the test, a solution is pumped with the intention of fracturing the formation, but is stopped as soon as breaking occurs. Once stopped, the natural decline in pressure needs to be recorded at a very high resolution. The EBOT is the most reliable tool to capture DFIT pressure data. When used in conjunction with our FLOWBOT (flow rate turbine meter), all aspects of DFIT data can be viewed in real time from any computer or mobile device.

Offset Well Fracture Monitoring

In a time where it is not uncommon to see several wells drilled on a single pad, proper well spacing is the key to optimizing production in a field. Multiple EBOTs can be networked together to monitor the surface pressure of clustered wells that are offset to a well being fractured. Data revealing inter-well pressure interference or communication in certain zones can lead to corrective measures to maximize well spacing and in turn maximize production.

Other Short-term Down Hole Pressure Testing and Monitoring

  1. Determine permeability, skin, and pressure using a multitude of test scenarios: flowing/buildup, multi-rate, injection/falloff, fracture/leak-off, perforation/inflow.
  2. Pressure integrity testing of flow-lines, pipeline, packers, and vessels.
  3. Monitor formation fracturing and flowback pressures

Benefits of JBOT Bottom Hole Pressure Gauge:

  • Large, incorruptible internal memory ensures data will be safe
  • Internal components and fittings are suitable for installations to 15k psi and temperatures exceeding 300 degrees
  • The tool can be set or hung downhole in a variety of ways, and is easily retrieved via third party wireline.