Reservoir Data Systems is an oil and gas service company all about providing customers with an efficient and low cost means of gathering pressure data. Our advanced technologies deliver critical information relating to reservoir characterization, completion optimization, flow assurance, and well bore and pipeline integrity, maximizing profits while minimizing downtime or damage to your wells.

Pressure data is what we do, day in and day out. Our digital pressure gauges, acoustic survey system, and turbine-based flowmeter assure accurate and quality data, and our proprietary Fastrack provides you with instant access to your data no matter where you are. We can design exactly the right solution for you with creative new tools and innovative applications of existing ones, solving problems our competitors simply cannot

We are a full-service operation, which means we can take time to get to know you and your needs.

All RDS staff engineers have well-rounded industry experience, which ensures a proper review and understanding of the whole situation around your data collection and analysis needs. With that thorough knowledge, we can design efficient applications of our tools to provide money-saving solutions.

We devote time to developing and improving our signature technology, and go above and beyond to guide our customers through the solution-building experience from installation, technology functionality, and data access, all the way through rigdown.

Conducting completion and production operations without capturing data is a million dollar gamble.

Collecting data in the various stages of a well’s life not only provides information about the state of a particular well, but also leads to the understanding of the properties and characteristics of a reservoir tied to that well. When you’re spending millions of dollars on a project, you want to be proactive and obtain data in a cost effective manner, and the more data you have, the better equipped you are to economically plan future operations and remediate complications that arise.

RDS pressure acquisition services translates into enormous amounts of money saved. For instance:

  • Conducting DFITs to determine reservoir pressure, permeability, fracture
    gradients, and fracture closure pressure can maximize savings on frac designs
  • Monitoring offset well pressure and fluid levels during fracking optimizes well
    spacing for enhanced recovery
  • Performing build-up tests in older/problematic fields diagnoses deliverability
    issues to target solutions for increased production

Why Surface Data?







Cost of surface acquisition is 75% less compared to traditional downhole methods.

Surface data acquisition is less invasive & requires less personnel, as well as reduces overall exposure.

With prompt project coordination and quick service, project data can be viewed in real time from anywhere in the world.

Reservoir Data Systems has developed 5 signature tools to improve data acquisition in oilfield testing. All of our tools are manufactured to industry-leading specifications, and are maintained to meticulous standards. Our goal is to ensure that you get quality data and exceptional service.