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What can RDS do for you?

We here at Reservoir Data Systems are proud to admit that we have become the “go-to data guys” for many Operators (both large and small) across the country. We have earned the trust of our repeat customers and continue to add companies to our resume by having fantastic tools, innovative uses of technology, and by operating under the principal that hard work and integrity help build and maintain meaningful relationships.

Our Tool Box

RDS’s vision has long been that of a “one-stop shop” for data acquisition and accessibility in the oilfield— Surface pressure testing and collection of all types are painlessly obtained by our EBOT Digital Surface Pressure Gauges, acoustic well surveys in many types of environments are conducted with our ABOT Acoustic Well Survey Systems, reliably accurate flowing rate data from any source is measured by our FLOWBOT Turbine Meters, and temporary down-hole pressure intelligence is monitored by our JBOT Down Hole Pressure Gauges.

The true gem of our fleet, however, is the proprietary FasTrack Communications System. Though the acquisition tools in our box can be found through other means (if you’re looking among the most reliable and accurate in the industry), the FasTrack sets RDS at the head of the figurative O&G Service Company “pack”.


Imagine a world where there is no waiting until the end of a procedure to know what’s going on with your well— all the pertinent and time-sensitive information collected during lengthy operations (such as DFITs, fracture monitoring, PTAs, and pressure integrity testing) is available for viewing at any time you wish, from wherever you wish.

This is the pinnacle of communication and responsiveness.

This is the Reservoir Data Systems FasTrack.